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tv   [untitled]    November 22, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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young imperials who are afraid to come forward. as long as there's a victim out there we're surviving as a community >> (clapping) >> thank you very much district attorney. we're so fortunate to have our mayor, mayor lee who's commitment to ending domestic violence to stop. he holds his service to the history regards he has said 90 through those there's no room to domestic violence in san francisco. he's put his money where his money is he was vested $3 million to services against
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deposition violation. $42 million in shelters and hotlines and social services for women of domestic violence. please join me many welcoming mayor ed lee (clapping) >> thank you emily for that introduction. good evening, everyone. welcome to the steps of city hall and thank you all of you for coming together to shine a light on domestic violence. of course, i want to thank our da wheeze who's here and the board of supervisors who are standing behind me. the advocates against domestic violence and all the different departments that are working together. i want you to see those signs bus they represent the things that we are are doing in san francisco.
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(clapping) to provide her with the official proclamation i give this to this
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lady thank you for your leadership (clapping) another round of applause for our mayor. thank you very much mr. mayor. next i want to bring up the commissioner on the status of women and other commissioners please come up to the podium. >> going san francisco team against domestic violence. yes, that's all of us as the mayor says it takes us all. i serve agency the chair of the justice oversight panel a subcommittee on the status of women. i'm joined by my fellow commissioners on the status of women. president nancy
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this 40 months where we have no domestic homicides in san francisco. we put certainty policies in place. it doesn't happen by happenstance. certainty policies and systems in place for domestic violence survivors. those 40 reforms as the mayor mentioned make sure that you hold those sizes up out towards
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our community so folks can see what we are up to make sure that those policies are enacted. many of those reforms come from the justice oversight panel that was created in 2002 human resources after the murder of joyce to improve san francisco's - we have antonio please give him an applause he's a valued partner. and bevly a giant champion in this quest and debeyond robert
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of moorey elizabeth and a also one of our community leaders activists on the issue of domestic violence mr. mel perkins is she here today. and certainly another towering finger kathy black is the executive director one of our most cherished institutes fighting domestic violence and last but not least our friend and fellow advocate kim tyson from the bay legal aid even if ken is not here let's make sure we give him the deserved applause. so oversight panel conducted a
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safety audit that showed any things among the reforms that's demonstrated here today are several efforts to close the gaps. for example, san francisco as trained police officers and probation officer officers and judges. for limited english speaking and immigrant survivors who are particularly victimized we have expanded those to immigrant community and two trained first responder in the vocabulary of domestic violence and 3 provide telephone interpretation and smart phone with translation software to police officers. we'll hear a little bit about that from our famous chief.
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we recognize the domestic violence survivors need many different options and some don't feel comfortable users our judicious system so we have a need not of community agencies again who are slnt here we partner with in servicing survivors and their families and children. we're assuring accountability for visitor by striking e strictly auditing the program. finally, there's we'll have about that noisy be noisy with me now and persistent and we'll end not only homicides but end-all domestic violence in our city. thank you for being here today (clapping)
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>> thank you very much vice president. we'll hear from our critical partner police chief greg (clapping) >> thank you dr. as many speakers have mentioned and i'm going to knock wood when i hear the names of the two ladies it sends a chill because those are the ones you remember and it's been 40 most but until we're talking about 41, 60 or or never it's not going to be good enough for the police department. the police department has improved how we handle domestic violence cases. providing assessment training for officers and increasing our
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departments ability to talk with foreign language folks and providing officers with handheld derives r that every police officers will have a smart phone with google translations services and many, many, many languages. so short of having those officers be bilingual the officers will be on them every minute of everyday (clapping) >>. it is so critical for all survivors to report. 1 hundred percent of those cases will be presented to the district attorney for prosecution. it is so important f this is a sanctuary city it is a city of refuge every person in this city is safe to report recalls of
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standing and documentation, everybody. we've created a special victims program in the city. at the get everybody in the same room with the advocates they're on the fifth floor of the hall of justice it's the cleanest floor and if anybody wants to come that's a sanctuary for anyone who wants to feel safe. our crime dot warehouses has information so reoffends are not safe and will be prosecuted to the fullest and the smart phones you have to acknowledge suzette's i didn't she's noticed it a couple of our newer particulars are lacking the
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bumper stickers it's the only bumper sticker that's on a particular there is no excuse for domestic violence >> another round of applause for our police chief. next is the executive director and a member of the oversight panel a truly community leader of the community >> thank you, dr. thank you to everyone he who's here. this has been a dream of ours to have city hall glow in justice and glow in purple. thank you. thank you. we used to have about 10 homicides a year due to domestic violence and we've seen a slight reduction every year but we've
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heard 40 months without a known domestic homicide. it speaks to the resilience of our city per every time we've had a tragedy not only have we learned but we've made connections with community and families we that didn't also know. i want to say that the advocates and shelters and the legal services keep this trend going everyday. our leader at city hall our mayor and board of supervisors and mrld police departments but the real resilience of san francisco is going through o a tragedy and come back through and coming up from the ashes we've going up and down done it over and over again. i want to take this moment to introduce a family i meet.
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i want to say we've been joining them in correspondent ever sense the first day and usually we're in court and their victim advocates are there every time they have a court appearance this family has shown so much resilience and love and offered us so many opportunities to heal. they've enriched our lives and work so i want to introduce the two and they'll talk about what they've experienced and how their resilience has healed them. thank you (clapping) >> good evening. first of all, i want to thank
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bevly for visiting us out i don't take a lightly and actually domestic violence month so i appreciate the opportunity. why i'll hear. i too want to shine the light on domestic violence this evening i want to shine the light on men and women who deal are controlling partners for financial and physical abuse of everyday. love is patient and kind it does not envy it does not dishonor other it is not easily acreage. it doesn't delight in evil it
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also protects and trusts and also hope and perverse that's try love. i want to shine the light for children in the home and witness domestic violence firsthand they have no way to understand. also for our sons who are notaries as likely to abuse of their own partners. it's not okay to put our hands on a mann or women. i want to shine the light on men and women who have stepped out of those toxic relationships pr you don't have to stay there and do this alone.
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navigated i beg you today to get out today because tomorrow maybe too late it never came for my mom. i want to shine the light on men and women who have long been tale from our families of someone who has been bad enough by the family. empty spaces there have long been promotes and personal shauchltd u achievement and long for our mother to celebrate with us. but through it all we're still standing that. i'm here to shine a light and do personally to bring about awareness to domestic violence and meet right or whatever. while the city of san francisco
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has so much to celebrate we can't forget of the nameless faces because we have so far to go in our domestic violence awareness. i want to shine the light for my mom who was loyal. my friend and encourageer and number one extraordinarily. the last homicide victim in san francisco. here life is more than a statistic emphasizing overview she was a daughter and grandmother and friend. this is what the world lost on may 18, 2010. and i want to shine a light on my mother this journey has taught me so much about the try meaning of love and administrations. i choose to love others and
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forgiveness is not on option it's mooned for my healing. i recognize that love that won't inheriting hurt >> darkness can't drive out darkness only light can do that and hate cannot drive out hate only love can do that and that's why i'm here today to shine a light on domestic violence and a (clapping) >> another round of applause. those are moving words and next the speaker has championed domestic violence and i'd like to ask did other members of the board to please join him at the podium >> thank you it's wonderful to be here with my supervisors.
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i have to say when ms. lewis just said anyone who's waushgd in a church have heard that love is patient and kind but i've nerve heard them uttered in the context nobody can replace our mother but we can do he everyone we can to make sure this tragedy doesn't happen again in san francisco (clapping) >> i want to thank all of you for being part of our community in san francisco. i know that every one of us have known victims whether in china counseling attain or a mother in the bay view or fifth generation or in the sunset. we also know we can do better. last year was a tough year i
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want to thank my colleagues and the rest of the board of supervisors for moving forward a major supplemental to make sure we have a final domestic violence advocate here in the city government to make sure that our district attorney's office has the tools they need and brown but folks we can do better. there are 40 reforms after this person was brutality taken away from us are we've begun for 40 months without a domestic homicide but in in evidence in north there was 8 thousand calls. that's how we feel about this.
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we know we can do better and all of us working collectively. the mayor had a proclamation he put in a beautiful glass box to showing some of our leaders we have a less budget but i have a proclamation proclaiming this month to be domestic violence month and i'd like to ask a woman who represents all of you two are survivors bevly upper ton could you please join me in accepting this (clapping) >> i want to thank you for your leadership and the board of supervisors for this recognition of domestic violence month but this year i want to honor the lewis with this proclamation domestic violence month is extra
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special because you're here with us so, please. all right. everyone look up center city hall. we'll close together with a beautiful song but before that i just wanted to thank my colleagues from the police department, from the district attorney's office, juvenile probation department and sheriff's department and the sole he family is represented among the city we have university women from house leader nancy pelosi offices and the l s democratic club and the family violence council is here in the house as well.
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let's give everybody a round of clauses (clapping) >> and, of course, we thank our director the people who work everyday open those issues who are holding up their signs, please give them a big round of applause so to close the program we'll hear this lady whose performed in tokyo and completely welcome her (clapping). >> thank you. the song i'd like to sing is going out to all of those of you who are in support of this organization and those of you who are still secretly experiencing abuse of
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relationships beside the 32 programs that san francisco has for abuse of i'd like for you to know that there's somebody who needs this. who made the mountains. who made the trees. tell me who made the rivers. that flows to the sea. and who hung the moon and the stars in the sky. it's somebody bigger. than and i. who made the flowers up and
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bloom in the frame. tell me who can who writes the song or the robins do sing and who sees the rain when the earth is dry. and it's somebody bigger than and i. he can he will the the way when the road is dark. keeps me calm. with love he'll walk beside you
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till all it's done right here with me. i - filled with despair who can who eminence encourage to just march on from there. who gives me love that will never, never die. it's somebody bigger, i tell you it's somebody bigger, you know, it's somebody bigger


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